In 2020 Dynamic Tariff Management and Demand Management System is applicable for the journeys in international passenger train No 87/88 Minsk-Riga, formation of Belarusian Railways.

Starting with February 2019 Dynamic Tariff Management and Demand Management System is used for fares of journeys in Belorussian Sleeping car with four-couchette Compartments and Sleeping car with two-couchette compartments on route Minsk-Riga that are joined to Ukrainian Railway formation train.


The fare is calculated depending on the date of the ticket purchase (the number of days before the departure of the train is taken into account) and the availability of seats in the train cars.

You can get the maximum discount (30%) if you buy the ticket 45 days before the train departure.

The fare grows (starting with the discount fare) to the standard price (set for the day of the train departure, without discount or extra charge) as the amount of free seats decrease, and there is an extra charge 5% when purchasing tickets in time period starting with 5 days before the departure of train.

The discounts and extra charges sum up with discount for cost of berth for journeys on side berths (37-54). The offer is not applicable:

  • for passenger group journeys;

for domestic journeys.