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  • Free-to-play quest "Stories of Old Riga"
    You are invited to a little adventure to discover the mysteries and legends of the Old Town. During this game, you will visit little known places and learn interesting stories of Riga.
  • St. Petersburg Maritime Assembly
    In the first week of July, the real wave of events dedicated to one topic will cover the city. The seas and rivers will become the main inspirers of sports competitions and creative evenings.
  • The Introvert Art Festival "Ad Lucem"
    Recognised and beloved musicians will perform their concerts treating the audience to the special mood of the festival and forming alternative understanding of spirituality in art and music.
  • Visit "Metaforms" exhibition in Moscow
    MARS Contemporary Art Centre invites visitors to feel like real artists by using a unique technology.
  • Open-air movie theatres in Moscow
    By the May holidays, five open-air theatres will be opened in the centre of Moscow where the audience will be showed different films on weekends.
  • Multimedia exhibition „Aivazovky – Live Pictures” in Saint Petersburg
    The vast multimedia exhibition dedicated to the work of one of the most famous Russian marine painters returns to Petersburg.
  • With a Birch Besom around Minsk
    If you have a business trip to Minsk, think about the rest in the Belarusian capital. It does not matter if you will not have much free time. You can relax well in a cosy bathhouse.
  • January Theatrical St. Petersburg
    Winter vacation is about to begin. This is the time when you not just want to relax, but to go somewhere. We offer you to go to the most cultural city of St. Petersburg, where there are such performances for which people come to this city.
  • Birthdays in Moscow
    Treat yourself with a birthday present gift – go with your friends to Moscow. You will remember this holiday for years!