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  • Visit "Metaforms" exhibition in Moscow
    MARS Contemporary Art Centre invites visitors to feel like real artists by using a unique technology.
  • Open-air movie theatres in Moscow
    By the May holidays, five open-air theatres will be opened in the centre of Moscow where the audience will be showed different films on weekends.
  • Birthdays in Moscow
    Treat yourself with a birthday present gift – go with your friends to Moscow. You will remember this holiday for years!
  • Restaurants of Healthy Eating in Moscow
    Probably the most important thing for a man is his health. So now it is becoming particularly popular following a healthy lifestyle. Many believe that because of this you cannot sit in the cosy restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal.
  • Unusual Cinemas in Moscow
    You want to wrap in a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea and watch a light romantic film if it rains. But if you get out, so you have to go somewhere, where is warm and cosy.
  • Mastering the Dances on the Table. In Moscow Bars!
    If your holidays are just ahead, we propose to use it to the fullest and give yourself a complete discharge! This can be only done in Moscow, more precisely, in the night Moscow.
  • Unusual Cafe in Moscow
    Moscow is a bright and attractive city, where you can find everything and even more. If you plan a trip to this beautiful metropolis, plan a walk to unusual, but interesting cafes we are going to tell you about!
  • Shopping in Moscow!
    Dear women! It is time to pamper yourself and go for unforgettable shopping in Moscow. Do not be afraid of high prices, because we will tell you where you can buy beautiful stylish things without painful losses for the purse!
  • Moscow for Gamblers
    The question will be of course not about casinos and slot machines, but about gambling, which are just interesting and fun to play! Such events are held in Moscow quite often!