On March 31, 2019 Latvia switches to summer time, bringing changes in the timetable for the trains No.2/1 Riga–Moscow, No.31/32 Riga–Kiev, No.87/88 Minsk–Riga and  direct carriages Riga–St. Petersburg.

Please pay special attention to the new timetable of train KyivRiga!

For the first time train No.31/32 Kiev–Riga arrives in Riga on 31 March at 09:06 (instead of 08:08) and later departs from Riga at 20:45 (instead of 10:10). The train arrives in Kiev at 16:36 (instead of 05:20). According to summer time the train departs from Kyiv for the first time on 4 April at 13:50 (instead of 12:50).

From 31 March to 25 October the train runs once in four days. Further information on the train timetable will be announced additionally.

We draw our attention that Belorussian formation cars MinskRiga (BC) are located at the end of the train, when it arrives in Riga, and in the beginning of the train, when it departs from Riga.