New Ukrainian Railway international passenger train Kiev-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga was appointed. For the first time the train departеd from Kiev on 28 September and arrived to Riga on 29 September, the same day the train departed for Kiev.


Ukrainian Railway formation train Nr.31/32 Kiev – Minsk – Vilnius – Riga is running once a week:

-       the train departs from Kiev on 6, 13, 21, 28 December, 2018 and 4, 10, 18, 24 January, 2019;

-       the train depart from Riga on 1, 7, 14, 22, 29 December, 2018 and 5, 11, 19, 25 January, 2019.

Further information on the train timetable will be announced additionally.


9 sleeping cars with four-couchette compartments, one sleeping car with two-couchette compartments (SV) and one sleeping car with open couchette compartments only on a route Minsk - Riga is available.


Ticket purchase and reservation is available 45 days before the train departure.

Currently tickets for Kiev - Riga train and one sleeping car on a route Minsk - Riga are only available at ticket offices.

 The approximate prices for tickets:



Sleeping car with open couchette compartments

Sleeping cars with four-couchette compartments

Sleeping car with two-couchette compartments



from 19.57 EUR

from 23.54 EUR

from 57.32 EUR



from 28.64 EUR

from 44.23 EUR

from 85.46 EUR




from 72.79 EUR

from 142.75 EUR

When buying tickets for the journey in ticket office, a commission fee for ticket issuing will be added to the fare. The prices are shown including the commission fee.
The given prices are for information purposes only.

Actual prices can be provided at ticket offices.

Train timetable available here