Starting with February  2019 to Ukrainian Railway formation (UZ) train №31/32 on route Minsk-Riga are added 3 Belorussian railway (BC) cars – one Sleeping car with open couchette compartments, one Sleeping car with four-couchette Compartments and one Sleeping car with two-couchette compartments.

Ticket purchase and reservation is available 45 days before the train departure.

Currently tickets for Kyiv-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga train and Belorussian cars on route Minsk-Riga are only available at ticket offices.

Purchasing tickets in August, the approximate fares are as follows*:     


Sleeping car with

open couchette compartments

Sleeping cards with four-couchette compartments

Sleeping car with

two-couchette compartments


20.06 EUR (BC)

21.19 EUR (UZ)

from 22.75 EUR (BC)

25.23 EUR (UZ)**

32.73 EUR (UZ)

from 42.99 EUR (BC)

62.45 EUR (UZ)


29.35 EUR (BC)

30.57 EUR (UZ

from 32.81 EUR (BC)

47.48 EUR (UZ)

from 63.10 EUR (BC)

93.38 EUR (UZ)


49.83 EUR (UZ)

77.76 EUR (UZ)

155.48 EUR (UZ)


*fare for journeys in BC Sleeping car with four-couchette Compartments and in Sleeping car with two-couchette compartments on route Minsk-Riga is calculated by Dynamic Tariff Management and Demand Management System.


** in Sleeping cars with four couchette compartments (UZ) №1 and №2, and in these cars it is possible to travel only Vilnius-Riga and Riga-Vilnius 

Fares are informative. Ask for actual fares at ticket offices.

When buying tickets for the journey in ticket office, a commission fee for ticket issuing will be added to the fare. The prices are shown including the commission fee. The given prices are for information purposes only.