Starting with February  2019 to Ukrainian Railway formation (UZ) train №31/32 on route Minsk-Riga are added 3 Belorussian railway (BC) cars – one Sleeping car with open couchette compartments, one Sleeping car with four-couchette Compartments and one Sleeping car with two-couchette compartments.

Ticket purchase and reservation is available 45 days before the train departure.

Currently tickets for Kyiv-Minsk-Vilnius-Riga train and Belorussian cars on route Minsk-Riga are only available at ticket offices.

Purchasing tickets in November, the approximate fares are as follows*:     


Sleeping car with

open couchette compartments

Sleeping cards with four-couchette compartments

Sleeping car with

two-couchette compartments


20.11 EUR (BC)

21.37 EUR (UZ)

from 22.81 EUR (BC)

25.41 EUR (UZ)**

32.94 EUR (UZ)

63.77 EUR (UZ)


29.43 EUR (BC)

30.78 EUR (UZ

from 32.91 EUR (BC)

47.75 EUR (UZ)

93.79 EUR (UZ)


50.09 EUR (UZ)

78.11 EUR (UZ)

156.10 EUR (UZ)


*fare for journeys in BC Sleeping car with four-couchette Compartments and in Sleeping car with two-couchette compartments on route Minsk-Riga is calculated by Dynamic Tariff Management and Demand Management System.


** in Sleeping cars with four couchette compartments (UZ) №1 and №2, and in these cars it is possible to travel only Vilnius-Riga and Riga-Vilnius 

Fares are informative. Ask for actual fares at ticket offices.

When buying tickets for the journey in ticket office, a commission fee for ticket issuing will be added to the fare. The prices are shown including the commission fee. The given prices are for information purposes only.