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  • In what types of coaches are there offered seats for the passengers?

    For the passengers in international traffic there are offered seats in sleeping coaches (two-berth compartments and business class compartments), compartment coaches (four-berth compartments), berth coaches (open type coaches) and common coaches (open type coaches with seats).

  • Are there any direct passenger transportations between the Baltic States?

    Currently (from 1 January, 2008) there are no direct passenger transportations between Riga, Estonia and Lithuania.

  • How many days before travelling the booked tickets are to be bought out?

    Passenger tickets for reserved berths for traveling should be booked (bought out) within 2 days after the date when the advance booking was performed. read more

  • How are ticket reservations made for travelling in international traffic?

    Booking by telephone (+371) 67897646 daily from 9.00 a.m. till 20.30 p.m. and issuing of traveling documents in presence of the customer in the Riga Central Station: at the ticket-office 2 and 3  - when paying in cash or with the cards VISA, VISA ELECTRON CARD, MAESTRO.

    Written ticket reservation forms from the groups of passengers (10 and more persons) may be submitted by fax (+371) 67234635, by e-mail or at anyone booking-office where issuing of traveling documents for international passenger service is being performed (at the booking office 2 of Riga Central Passenger Station)... read more

  • Is it possible to book tickets with delivery?

    For now it is not possible to book tickets with delivery.