We offer you some places in the Russian capital, where you can celebrate the birthday funny in a good company or with your beloved family and friends.


Family Club “Ribambel”

This place is perfect to celebrate the holiday with the whole family. “Ribambel” is especially suitable for celebrating children's birthdays! The girl will feel like a princess in a castle here. Kids can even arrange a real tea party with their dolls. The boys can become true knights and kings that protect their castles in the club. They can choose the role of a robber – to one`s liking. Even the youngest children will find what to do here, because there is a large bright arena, where the club animator plays with the kids. In the club`s café you can also visit a master class in cooking. Here you can have delicious festive meal. Local menu is quite diverse: you can order both unusual soups and delicious desserts. By the way, if you wish, you can make a meal with your own hands.

The club is located at the address: Moscow, 48 Kutuzovsky Avenue.


Hide and Seek in the Dark

It is not necessary to organize lavish feast to celebrate a birthday funny, you can invite friends to any event. For example, you can play hide and seek in the dark. In this way, your friends and you will remember childhood and experience thrilling emotions. Surely this birthday will remain in your memory for a long time.

The company “Green King” offers its visitors to play hide and seek in a room with an area of ​​100 m2. Unusual objects are in the room. They are filled with different coatings. Colours are added by audio and visual effects - unexpected sound holes and light traps.

The players have to divide into two teams - the Shadows and the Hunters. They change roles in the second half of the game. You will be able to discover many secluded nooks or even the keys to the new secret rooms during the game in total darkness. The interior changes for more strained emotions. You will notice how remarkably increased your hearing, sense of smell and tactile perception within an hour.

All this you can feel at the address: Moscow, 3/2 Bolotnaya Embankment (ex-factory “Krasny Oktyabr”).


Time Club “Nest”

Another interesting option of unusual celebrating a birthday in Moscow is to invite friends to anti-cafe. One of the most suitable anti-café for such activities is “Nest”. This is one of the oldest of such institutions in the city. It is popular among the locals and guests of the capital city. Everything is done so that all guests can feel like visiting a best friend in this place. You will even be given slippers. Anti-cafe motto: “Come, take what you want, use what you want”. Everything is done to make your day special - muted light, relaxing music, comfortable hammocks, sprightly coffee, rugs, flowers in pots and wireless internet. You need a good mood and pleasant company!

Write down the address: Moscow, 8/2 Lyalin pereulok.