“Museon” is an Art Park located on the bank of the Moskva River, along the Crimean embankment. It represents the recreation area with wooden paths, various small fountains alpine gardens, and stylized bridge across the small river, as well as with many cozy wooden arbors bosomed in trees.

The distinctive feature of this park is the only museum of sculptures in the country that is located in the open air. This is a unique place where works of sculptors of different epochs and artistic styles are collected. The museum collection includes more than 800 works of stone, bronze, wood and other materials. The Tretyakov Gallery and the Central House of Artists, the most cozy open-air cinema in the city and the summer school, the eastern courtyard and the smallest reading room in the city, as well as the platforms for music concerts and lectures are located in the territory of parks.

The holiday for all specialists of the landscape industry and for all the lovers of the beautiful - the festival of gardens and flowers “Moscow Flower Show” will be held from 29 June to 9 July in the Art Park “Museon”. In addition to the already traditional “Rose Day", the celebration of the “Day of Family, Love and Faithfulness” will take place in the framework of the Festival. The urban landscape designers from different regions of Russia will share their developments in landscape design along with the leading European experts. Traditionally, Russia will become the world's center for landscape design during the Festival. The professional educational events, during which the best world specialists and experts in the transformation of the surrounding environment into works of art will give their advice and recommendations to the visitors, will be organized.


Moscow, Krimsky Val, Building 2

How to get:

You can get to the Park from the subway station Park Kultury. Leaving the subway, turn towards Sadovoje Kolco and move across the bridge across Moscow River. Gorky Park will be located to the right, and Art Park “Museon” - on the opposite side. There is an underground passage near the Gorky Park through which you will cross Sadovoje Kolco and will be close to the entrance to the MUSEON.

Working hours:

08:00 - 22:00

Ticket price:

• Art Park “Museon” - free of charge

• Festival of gardens and flowers «Moscow Flower Show» 2017 - 300-600 Rub.