An interactive Museum of Robots „Robotostantsia” was opened in  Moscow. It is located in the pavilion2 of the State Exhibition of National Accomplishments (VDNH). Visitors are not only shown the existing robots, but also provided with an opportunity to create their own.

The museum's collection contains a robot dog that can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h, the robot chef, a robot actor and even a robotic orchestra. Part of the museum presents a project of the artist and the mechanic-animator Alexander Getsoya "Engineering happiness," wrote The Village. Moving pictures demonstrate mechanical engineering of different ages - from the street lamp and bicycle to the drawbridges and the space station.

In the multimedia area you can do quests involving robots and visit the shop for the production of parts for them. In addition, one area of industrial park will offer visitors a chance to create a robot themselves.

Museum „Robotostantsia” is opened from 9 am till 9 pm every day.

Ticket price is starting 500 RUB for adults and starting 450 RUB for children.

"Robostantsiya" will be open until the end of 2016.