You will find entertainment for all tastes in Minsk!


New Year's Season at the Cat Museum

If you love cats, you just need to visit this place. Moreover, the museum has the whole New Year's program, which means that there are a lot of magic and miracles! You can appreciate how the director the Cat Museum Jimmy and his loyal aides Timosha, Zefirinka, Mr. Red, Michelle, Plombir, Lilu, Richard, Herring, Rysik and Kiwi decorated the museum with bright garlands and dressed up a Christmas tree. By the way, there is a cat café, where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, fragrant tea and treat yourself with unusual snacks in the company of furry owners!

The exhibition is open every day until January 15 from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm in Minsk, 11 Dzerzhinskogo Lane.


Performance "New Year's Eve Dinner with Keira Knightley"

This performance makes the audience think about the warmest and perhaps the most important feeling - love. The story setting is very unusual and visitors with the heroes have to constantly think, solving puzzles of situations, in which they found themselves.

In the story, the characters are on a mysterious banquet in the New Year's Eve, where only six people: the director of a large company, a former opera singer, a famous designer, a young programmer, head teacher of the school and the VIP plumber. In addition, each of the characters puts great hopes for this evening. None of those present people does not understand who and why invited him/her to the event.

It offers a sparkling humour, sincere dialogues and lyric scenes. Come, do not regret.

The performance will be held on January 3 at 7:00 pm at the Contemporary Art Theatre at the address: Minsk, 5 Oktyabrskaya Street.


The Party Christmas Holidays

The club "Corset" invites you to its bright and enchanting Christmas parties where you can have fun and carefree spend an unforgettable evening with your friends. But there will be so much fun, even if you come alone, you will not feel lonely. First of all, the festive program with Santa Claus and the most fascinating Snow Maidens of the year will be held there. In addition, all guests will find many nice gifts and surprises. It also should be noted that the most open and friendly people come here! Be sure to find new good friends here, with whom you can sing karaoke or some heartfelt songs.

The parties are held daily from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am at the address: Minsk, 15a Storozhevskaya Street.