Riga is more than 800 years old and with a blend of a medieval centre and a modern city.

  • 304 km2
  • 18:54 (+2 st)
  • 698 086

Events in Riga


  • Science center ZINOO Rīga
    Curiosity is the key to the knowledge. Knowledge explains the wonders.Can we move objects without touching them? Find out how the small can look big and how the long can look short.
  • The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia
    The Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia blooms and blossoms throughout the year!
  • Riga St. Peter’s Church
    Riga St. Peter’s Church - the tallest peak in Riga, is one the oldest and most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in the Baltic States.


  • Free-to-play quest "Stories of Old Riga"
    You are invited to a little adventure to discover the mysteries and legends of the Old Town. During this game, you will visit little known places and learn interesting stories of Riga.
  • The Introvert Art Festival "Ad Lucem"
    Recognised and beloved musicians will perform their concerts treating the audience to the special mood of the festival and forming alternative understanding of spirituality in art and music.
  • Parks of Riga
    Riga is a cosy European city with its own charm. Despite the fact that it is the capital, there are a lot of green parks where you can walk, get some fresh air.