Walk up the steps to the "Panorama Riga" observation deck and enjoy the moment, when the peaks of the church towers of Riga and the third tallest TV Tower in Europe  368.5 meters in height are before your eyes. From here you'll see the greatest masterpiece of the 21st century in Latvia – the National Library of Latvia, shaped like the Castle of Light, symbolizing the desire for knowledge so inherent to the Latvian nation. The library building was built in 2014, it was designed by the internationally acclaimed Latvian-born architect Gunnar Birkerts (USA). From the "Panorama Riga" observation deck a wonderful sight meets your eyes to the promenade of the river Daugava with five bridges linking the banks of the Daugava River, known as the “river of fate”, Old Riga and the Central Market, which is one of the oldest in Europe. The need for the Central Market was debated even before World War I - in 1910, and it has historic evidences, for example, the historical market pavilions, where an active trading is still taking place. They were built for the needs of World War I, as German army aircraft - Zeppelin - hangars.

"Panorama Riga" is a circular terrace - observation deck of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, offering unparalleled 360° panoramic views of Riga. The terrace is wide enough, so groups of tourists or companies of friends can feel free on the "Panorama Riga" observation deck and even play fun games, for example, who will see the home, school or hotel more quickly. From the "Panorama Riga" observation deck, you can take wonderful photos with panoramic views of Riga, nothing obstructs the view, enclosures and glass reflections don’t interfere. And, of course, from the "Panorama Riga" observation deck you can watch the most beautiful sunset or have a romantic date in the height of 65 meters. Such moments make life worth living!

The "Panorama Riga" observation deck is located in the historical building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, which is a symbol of the Soviet era. It was built in honor of the Communist leader Stalin. The construction of the building began in 1951, but it was completely finished only in 1961. The building is preserved almost exactly as it was in 1961. If you look closer, you will see symbols of the Soviet era - a sickle and hammer on the walls of the central facade. The building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences was initially designed to house a collective farm (kolkhoz) house, but then it was made available to the Latvian SSR Academy of Sciences. The building is believed to be the first high-rise building in Latvia. When building it, the architects Osvalds Tīlmanis, Vaidelotis Apsītis and Kārlis Plūksne drew inspiration from the spires of Old Riga. But architects are still searching for an explanation of why the architecture of the building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences looks something like the Empire State Building in New York.

The "Panorama Riga" observation deck is open during the season from April to November, every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, from morning until sunset.

In order to visit the "Panorama Riga" observation deck, no prior booking is required. Come anytime! The admission tickets can be purchased at the entrance of the “Panorama Riga” observation deck. Entry fee: 0-5 EUR.

The building of the Latvian Academy of Sciences is located in the very center of Riga, close to the popular Riga's tourist attractions, for example, the Old Town of Riga is only 1.5 km away, the Riga Central Market - 600 meters away, while the Riga Ghetto and the Latvian Holocaust Museum - only 300 meters away.

More information: http://www.panoramariga.lv/index.html