Business class

Sleeping-car with business-class compartments (SV)

There are four business-class compartments (seats 1,2; 3,4; 5,6; and 7,8) in this coach.

In each business class compartment there is a pullout sofa, which can be transformed into a double bed (lower level), 84 cm wide berth (upper level); a small table, pullout chair-bed, built-in wardrobe and a sink (hot and cold water available). In each compartment there is installed local lighting, air-conditioning device, as well as separate audio/video system and disc collection where the passengers can find a wide collection of CD and DVD discs. Besides, in the passenger car there is a shower stall, as well as two lavatories with sinks, a compartment for the attendants and a service compartment.

The tickets for the business-class compartments are always executed from the departure station till the train destination station.

One or two passengers can go in a compartment. In all cases full compartment fare is collected and one ticket is issued.

Any preferences, reductions or children rate do not apply to the fixed price of the ticket for the business-class compartment. Partly used tickets are not refunded.

Travelling in sleeping cars with business class compartments, passengers free of charge can take with them a child under 10 years (as a third passenger in the compartment). For that to be possible, it is required to collect at a ticket office a paper ticket, purchased at adult fare, for the journey in a business class compartment, together with a free of charge ticket for the child.