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  • 20 September, 2019
    Petrojazz Dance
    Petrojazz Dance is the only festival in Russia that unites all kinds of social dance (from charleston to latin, from gypsy dance to hip-hop).
  • 27 August, 2019
    Riga Food
    Everybody is welcome to the broadest Riga Food fair in Ķīpsala to draw inspiration from a diversity of menu ideas, to taste new products, including local craft products, as well as see competitions featuring professional chefs, pastry cooks and bartenders.
  • 22 July, 2019
    Riga City Festival 2019
    Riga City Festival arrives like a long-awaited birthday present. For three days the city is filled with festive atmosphere, live music, and plenty of surprises. The multi-colored Riga summer season's closing festival is a reason for joy, offering also knowledge and sense of the city's history nowadays.
  • 29 March, 2019
    Night of Museums in Riga 2019
    The theme of this year's Night of Museums in Latvia is The Bugler of Tālava. On May 18, the Night of the Museum will honor all of the heroes of the past from every region, where it will be possible to hear their stories.
  • 20 February, 2019
    European Games MINSK 2019
  • 20 February, 2019
    Woodcut from the collection of the Russian Museum
    The large exhibition of the developments of woodcuts in St. Petersburg